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Park Avenue TV Dinners

June 10, 2008

Park Avenue TV Dinners

The Regency Hotel on Park Avenue is bringing back the staple TV Dinners of the 1950s, turning retro dishes into chic fare.

Served on traditional sectioned plates, the TV Dinners of the past have been upgraded to satisfy the palates of Loews Regency’s high-powered clientele. Executive Chef Andrew Rubin’s twist on traditional comfort-food brings guests back to a time when families sat around their TV sets, watching the classics and enjoying, pot roast, fried chicken and other favorites. Today, Rubin elevates these plates with upscale ingredients, a spin on side dishes and even a completely new take on the “traditional” – introducing favorites such as salmon onto the sectioned plates for the first time.

These Park Avenue TV Dinners are offered at the 540 Park restaurant, the Library and in-room dining at a cost of $30.

AND . . . They Are Fabulous and rate A Major on The Walman Report.

Regency Hotel Pot Roast TV Dinner

Slow Braised Pot Roast

This traditional dinner favorite is slow-cooked in Burgundian Pinot Noir. The eye of the roast is served with a trio of baby potatoes, including purple Peruvian, Russian banana and red bliss, for an eclectic mix. This savory entrée is balanced with two side dishes of red cabbage made in a blend of red vinegar, brown sugar and fresh steamed broccoli. It is topped off with the Library’s signature Vahlrona chocolate pudding with a touch of whipped cream. Served on the traditional sectioned plate, this TV dinner is sure to satisfy the craving for a trendy classic.