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August 11, 2008


NAME: Búnbun2


ADDRESS: 143 Grand Street
(Between Crosby & Lafayette Streets)
New York, NY 10013


TELEPHONE: (212) 431-7999

FAX: (212) 431-7911

HOURS: Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, Mon.-Sun.
Lunch: 12:00 Noon – 6:00 PM, Mon.-Sun. Dinner: 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM, Mon.-Sun

CUISINE: Vietnamese
(Authentic Vietnamese dishes with global
ingredients with a particular focus on small
plates for sharing and bún – the rice noodles,
with or without the soup.)


PRICE RANGE: Breakfast (entrees): $ 6.00 – $12.00
Lunch (entrees): $ 6.00 – $12.00
Dinner (entrees): $ 6.00 – $12.00

DRESS: Casual




PARTY FACILITIES: Available upon request

BAR: Full-service sit-down bar. The 32-foot long
custom-made straw and bamboo bar features
stylish backless red barstools and beaded
hanging lanterns. The bar features an extensive
selection of global wines. A variety of wines
are available by the glass. In addition, a
premier selection of spirits, liquors, after-dinner
drinks, dessert wines, imported beers, and specialty
cocktails such as Poison Ruby (Fresh Mint, Rose
Extract, and Lychee Liqueur), M16 (Fresh Mint,
Bailey’s, and Sparkling Super Premium Vodka),
Bún Pina Colada (Fresh Lime, Fresh Coconut Milk,
Fresh Pineapple Juice, Organic Protein Drink, and
Premium Vodka), and Airborne (Shot of Johnnie
Walker Gold Label) are also available. The Breakfast,
Lunch, and Dinner Menus are available at the bar.

ATMOSPHERE: Intimate, exotic ambiance. The romantic, stylish
dining room is enhanced by a 15-foot high ceiling,
a 32-foot long custom-made straw and bamboo
bar, bamboo tables and modern chairs, bamboo
and black leather banquettes with floral silk pillows,
bamboo booths, slate walls and floors, original
traditional, modern, and Buddha paintings by
well-known Vietnamese artists, track lighting, and
an expansive open kitchen to create a contemporary
Vietnamese restaurant.

Michel Bao





OWNERS: Tony Lam
Michael Bao

OPENING DATE: November, 2007


Review By Nancy Walman



Award-winning website, Punchin-dot-com, features the Walman Report and reviews of restaurants, travel, wine and theater. Bún, an intimate, exotic Soho Vietnamese restaurant, showcases the traditional dishes of Vietnam with global ingredients. Owned by executive chef/restaurateur Tony Lam and his partner, Michael Bao, the romantic, stylish atmosphere recreates the ambiance of a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant with a custom-made straw and bamboo bar, bamboo tables and modern chairs, bamboo banquettes and booths, slate walls and floors.


Seasonal menus focus on small plates for sharing and bún – the rice noodles with or without the soup. The continually evolving menus feature more than 50 sauces with very little salt, sugar and NO MSG. The global wine list changes seasonally. In addition, there is a premier selection of spirits, liquors, after-dinner drinks, dessert wines, imported beers, and a wide selection of specialty cocktails such as Poison Ruby (Fresh Mint, Rose Extract, and Lychee Liqueur), M16 (Fresh Mint, Bailey’s, and Sparkling Super Premium Vodka), Bún Pina Colada (Fresh Lime, Fresh Coconut Milk, Fresh Pineapple Juice, Organic Protein Drink, and Premium Vodka), Miami Vice (Premium Vodka, Herb Rum, Fresh Basil, and Blue Flame), and Airborne (Shot of Johnnie Walker Gold Label).

At Bún, the prices remain moderate. Breakfast entrees range from $6.00 for the Rocket Roll (Maria’s Rocket Fried Tiger Shrimp, Pork, Scallions) up to $12.00 for Baby Lamb with Eggplant, Pear Chutney, and Anise Sauce. Lunch entrees range from $6.00 for the Shrimp Roll (Shrimp, Berkshire Pork Belly, Bún, Lettuce, Mint, Served with Peanut Sauce) up to $12.00 for Duck Confit (Daikon Pancake, Duck Egg, Served with Red Vinegar Soy Sauce. Dinner entrees range from $6.00 for the Salmon Roll (Salmon, Bún, Turmeric, Avocado, Bean Sprouts, Dill, Served with House Sauce) up to $12.00 for Bún Basa Fish (Fish, Turmeric, Dill, Cucumber Salad, Served with Anchovy Sauce).

Open 24 hours a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Bún, (143 Grand Street – between Crosby and Lafayette Streets) offers a unique dining experience and rates “A Minor” on The Walman Report.bun3


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Destinations Of Distinction : Geneva

August 10, 2008

Destinations Of Distinction

Discover a gastronomic paradise in Geneva that European royalty have known about for years

By Nancy Walman

To wake up at the palatial Beau-Rivage, the oldest family owned hotel in Geneva, is to draw the heavy silk curtains and just stand at the window a moment as sunlight gleams from the snow-peaked Mont-Blanc mountain range, to the sparkling water of Lake Geneva, flooding into your room, bouncing off of the glistening damask sheets, highlighting the marble columns, and reflecting into a miniature panorama on every facet of the crystalline chandeliers before splintering in a thousand different directions around you. To wake up at the Beau-Rivage is to realize that the sunlight has done this every morning since 1865 for royalty, heads of state, and movie stars. To wake

up at the Beau-Rivage is to know that the best part of the day is yet to come.

The Beau-Rivage was opened in 1865 by Jean Jacques Mayer and has since been recognized as one of the best hotels in Switzerland. Coinciding with its 125 anniversary in 1990, the Beau-Rivage featured a retrospective display of historical souvenirs highlighting some of the more fascinating events at the hotel since its opening, including the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1918 and the assassination of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria in 1898. The 79 rooms and 14 suites have all been renovated during the last decade, including a full restoration of the ground floor lobby and Atrium, revealing original Pompeian frescoes. Not a single detail of the hotel has been overlooked, from the cream moldings to the exquisite antique furniture, to the contemporary luxuries blended seamlessly into the Victorian glamour. The Beau-Rivage holds sacred the belief that “it is just as much a privilege for those who are being served as for those who serve,” says current owner Jacques Mayer. The expertly trained staff anticipates your needs to satisfy your every whim.

Getting The Royal Treatment at Geneva’s Hotel Beau-Rivage

The Dramatic Atrium Lobby of the Beau-Rivage

In a country well known for its neutrality amongst warring nations, Geneva has long been a peaceful sanctuary for religious refugees and a meeting ground for political leaders. But don’t be fooled, although you are more likely to hear mention of Geneva in a history textbook than a travel guide, this city knows how to please a sophisticated palate.

The Beau-Rivage is home to two major restaurants. The trendy Patara is arguably the best Thai restaurant on the continent, and the award winning Chat-Botté (“Puss in Boots”), featuring the extraordinary cuisine of the talented executive chef Dominique Gauthier. Here you can sample some of the world’s finest wines and magnificent cheeses. The menu offers an array of imaginative French delicacies, such as a tender Hare Saddle in a cashmere cream sauce and Wild Pigeon roasted with Juniper Berries. The Candied Pheasant Ravioli delights the tongue with subtle nuances of mushroom, while the Roasted Venison will have you yearning for dinnertime from the moment the sunlight filters through the drapes.

Below: A Dominique Gauthier Specialty at the revered “Chef’s Table”
To really experience chef Gauthier’s extraordinary touch, reserve space in the marvelous room with a view of the kitchen and an eye-full of antique kitchen memorabilia known as the Chef’s Table. Chef Gauthier will not only select your menu, but the knowledgeable sommelier will organize a compatible selection of wines. While the cellar offers a superb selection of vintage Bordeaux, Burgundy and Italian wine, don’t neglect to sample some of the delightful Swiss regional wines that may be unavailable in the United States. Swiss wines have come a long way and, especially the whites, are lovely with food.

While the menu may be different when you dine at Chat Botté (the chef bases it on seasonal ingredients), some of our joys included a Trio of duck foie gras from the Landes , Roasted wing of ray on « Mesculin » salad served with seasonal mushrooms, mustard seeds and capon caper sauce. Brittany lobster salad with crunchy vegetables in soya sauce is a far cry from Maine lobster, far more flavorful and tender. -Queen scallop cannelloni with spinach beet, clam sauce may borrow from Italy, but in M. Gauthier’s hands, it is subtle, elegant and exhibits the multi-cultural heritage of Switzerland. -Candied pheasant ravioli was served with seasonal mushrooms, while a Fricassée of scampi, was accompanied by grilled almond oil ,« Belle de Fontenay » , and potato mousseline. Small scallop, cooked in its shell, with bolet mushroom crumble and « Grenoble » nut infusion were memorable, and what trip to Geneva would be complete without a taste of Loire river pike-perch cooked on its skin, roasted carrots with « orgeat » and roasted almonds, Gruyère cream and smoked bacon Hare saddle cooked in a cream sauce served with a roasted bolet mushroom and a melt-in-your-mouth Candied pig’s cheek ,cooked in a black vinaigrette, served with a delight of pig’s trotter and ear may sound unusual to Americans, but the combination was memorable. Wild pigeon roasted with juniper berries and stuffed with cabbage or roasted venison saddle served with pepper brown sauce, game garnish and cranberries may be marvelous, but leave room for the incredible selection of fresh and refined cheeses followed by an airy macaroon chocolate soufflé of pure Caribbean chocolate, vanilla squash cream and a caramelized apple mille-feuille and light cream .15.-V.A.T. and service are included in the “Table du Chef” surprise menu is at CHF. 145.- (excluding wine) (about $100).


While in Geneva, be sure not to miss Le Neptune, featuring Chef Frederic Charriere in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Du Rhône and the Des Bergues restaurant L’Amphitryon with Chef David Felisaz. Either will cost about the same as a comparable dinner in a Manhattan restaurant. As suggested by the name,

The Comfortable Dining In The Mandarin Oriental’s Le Neptune

Le Neptune is renowned for Charriere’s strong taste for seafood. Specialties include the Langoustine Rotie and the Medaillons de Lotte au Chorizo Doux. Highly recommended for dessert is the seductive Tarte au Chocolat pur Caraibes. Rumor has it that Le Neptune will be having some major changes by the time you read this. We’ll update you.

Le Neptune

Quai Turrettini 1

1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 (22) 909 0000

Facsimile: +41 (22) 909 0010


The Hotel Des Bergues’ restaurant, L’Amphitryon, located within the hotel, is one of the most beautiful in Geneva and is refinement by definition. After four months of intensive renovations and an investment of one million Swiss francs, the famous L’Amphitryon restaurant reopened. Every detail was planned with utmost care. The creative design of the table-service gives a very attractive touch, with a view of the kitchen, this incontestably charming gastronomic restaurant is highly recommended.

The Lovely L’Amphitryon In The Hotel Des Bergues


The Atlantic sea bass is succulent and sweet. The lamb from the Limousin is texture perfected, with the oven roasted lamb fillet and treviso salad crisp mille-feuille, basking in a chervil root sauce. The risotto with Truffles is pure elegance. Other choices include scallops sautéed in Bormano olive oil with crisp Chinese mille-feuille or terrine of foie gras perfumed with citrus spices apple mousse and mixed herbs. Follow these appetizers with such appealing entrees as chicken from Bresse, a chicken balotine with spinach cardoons from Geneva in meat juice with crisp Parmesan cake or, the entrée winner, a suggested sea bream from the Atlantic, for two people, roasted in a salt crust with fennel, diced tomatoes marinated in old wine vinegar, wild thyme and pink shallots, vegetables and vinaigrette. The selection of Swiss wines is awesome and desserts (the chef’s famous raspberry and cardamum crème brûlée for example) are delicate and compelling.


Quai Des Bergues 33

1201 Geneva

Phone: 41-22 908-70-00

Fax: 41-22-908-70-90

13, Quai du Mont-Blanc

1201 Genève – Suisse

Tel: +41 (0)22 716 66 66 – Fax: +41 (0)22 716 60 60


Rates 2003: Standard rooms From Sfr. 475.- to Sfr. 590.-Executive rooms, available in spring 2003

From Sfr. 560.- to Sfr. 650.-Deluxe rooms Sfr. 860.- « Prestige » rooms Sfr. 995.-

Junior Suites: Sfr. 1’080.- « Prestige » Junior Suite: Sfr. 1’540.- Suites: From Sfr. 3’150.- to Sfr. 8’100. Breakfasts : Continental Sfr. 27.- and Buffet Sfr. 37.-Local tax : Sfr. 3.25 per person, per day.

(All the above rates include service and VAT)

Getting There & Other Tips
Continental & Swiss (The former Swiss Air) offer frequent service from the States. From within Europe. Both Paris and Lyon make excellent Gateways and provide the opportunity to extend your holiday, in a different country.


Eurail TEE (trans-Europe-Express) service is dependable from Paris. The trip takes a bit over three hours, non-stop. The fare is less than $100 First Class. Seats require reservations and can be purchases online at the American Rail Europe’s Excellent Website. (Senior Fares are available).


While cabs in Geneva are expensive, they are also clean, spacious and honest. The ride to the airport (about $30) is a bargain.


For snacks, don’t miss the many excellent Arabic restaurants, in the narrow streets above the Beau-Rivage, a colorful area in its own right.


For elegant shopping, stroll across the lake and you’ll find department stores and designer boutiques to your hearts content. Just about any cafe serves good pastries and wonderful coffee. Don’t omit a visit to the old section. Contrast this with a look-see at some of the hot clubs that will remind you that despite Geneva’s laid-back feeling, it is firmly rooted in the 21st century.